Charlotte Samo Wyatt

Charlotte is from Corpus Christi, Texas. She loves the beach and big skies of Texas. Many of the paintings are done on location or from items set up in her studio for still life works. Shadows, light, and color are captured in watercolors, oils, and acrylics. Since moving to San Antonio, Charlotte is painting historic sites throughout the surrounding area.

Live Event Painting is a speciality service where Charlotte paints the scene as the event is happening.  The painting is usually includes guests of honor and the venue.   The painting is finished before the event is over and the completed art is ready to take home.

Watercolor Portraits is another speciality service offering quick watercolor paintings of guests in under 10 minutes.  The guest has a fun original painting to take home.

Cowgirl Series are portraits of women that are named alphabetically. Each painting tells a visual story that emodies the strength and personality of life in today’s wild west. You can see her Cowgirls at